Fulton Chairman Robb Pitts Announces His Plans for Two New Multipurpose Centers

Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts announced his support for two new multipurpose centers in Fulton County. One of the new facilities would be in the county’s southern portion, while the other would be in the northern part.

“Fulton County is known for our high-quality multipurpose centers and the services we provide at them,” said Chairman Pitts. “Two more multipurpose centers will serve to further our reputation for having the best senior services around.”

The county currently has four multipurpose centers. Two of these facilities – the Harriett G. Darnell Senior Multipurpose Facility and the Helene S. Mills Senior Multipurpose Facility – are located in the City of Atlanta. The Dorothy C. Benson Senior Multipurpose Facility is located in Sandy Springs, and the H.J.C. Bowdon Senior Multipurpose Facility is in East Point.

“I’ve been working on building a new multipurpose center in South Fulton for nearly two years now and am happy to say the county is now making it a top priority, along with a companion center in North Fulton,” Pitts said. “As our county continues to grow and prosper, the demand for these centers grows with it. By adding two new facilities, we will be better able to serve the residents of Fulton County.”

 “We value our seniors, and these two new multipurpose facilities are a testament to them and what they mean to Fulton County,” said District 5 Commissioner Marvin Arrington Jr., in whose district one of the centers will be built.

Senior services won’t be the only thing offered at these new centers. Behavioral health, developmental disabilities, a DUI court, public health programs, a health system partner, and community partners will also be present.

“Thank you, Chairman Pitts, for keeping your promise to the City of South Fulton citizens. Our seniors deserve this new center and are anxiously awaiting the day they can come to enjoy it,” said District 3 Councilwoman Helen Willis of the City of South Fulton.

Pitts says Fulton County’s seniors and the community as a whole deserve these two new facilities and that he’s determined to get this done as quickly as possible.