Looking Towards the Future – Affordable Housing and Thoughtful Density

As our community looks toward the future, the Board of Commissioners is developing plans that offer a thoughtful and strategic vision for affordable housing for Fulton County residents. 

Over the last two years, Fulton County has acquired seven blighted properties along the Fulton Industrial Corridor, including five hotels. The $15.9 million investment represents approximately 17 acres. In my support of the redevelopment, I am advocating that some of these acquired properties be used for affordable housing for veterans and supportive transitional housing for the working poor, and the Hotel to Home model could be a large part of the Renew the District initiative over the next five years. 

The Hotel to Home program is a comprehensive model designed to help individuals and families with safe temporary housing and wrap-around services to improve lives and achieve self-sufficiency. This program is essential to help stabilize the community and create economic mobility to empower vulnerable populations to move into permanent homes. 

I am also very interested in the idea of thoughtful density, reimagining community through the development of tiny homes. With their smaller footprint, tiny houses offer an increased supply of affordable housing, create communities, and benefit economic growth for areas that have not traditionally developed homes. I am committed to spending $1 million on a pilot project to build eight homes on less than an acre of county-owned land, eventually partnering with local churches to build micro-communities throughout Fulton County. 

These plans support our veterans, seniors, and those in need of supportive services and provide opportunities for expanded economic development in blighted areas that are prime for growth.